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Kingdom Of Oud has been in business since 2007. We source our Agarwood from Wild Trees & Plantation Trees here in Cambodia, our Agarwood mostly comes from Trees in the Koh Kong Province near the Thailand border, but we also obtain Agarwood from the Pursat Province. Our Oud Oil is Pure and free from chemicals.


Much of the Agarwood Trees we obtain wood from are more than 50 years old. We are a very proud of our Sinking Grade Agarwood and our customers re-buy many times.


We always include CITES certificates and send with our Plantation sourced wood and oil orders by courier to all countries of the world.


We sell Agarwood in grades of: Sinking Grade and Grade A, Grade B and Grade C.


Our Oud Oil is sold in Grades of: Double Super Grade and Super Grade, Grade A, Grade B and Grade C.


We do not sell poor grade Agarwood or low Grade Oud Oil with a smell that does not last long, we could not re-sell with products that are of poor quality.


We welcome new wholesale customers and reply to all emails sent to us, we value our regular customers and will always be here to assist.


Send us an email today to see our latest prices and offers, we use EMS and DHL to send our orders and always include the CITES certificate and letter of origin where required.

We have a small team working together with various duties: marketing, sales, customer relations and very importantly the Agarwood Artisan (The artisan meticulously sorts through the unprocessed distillery chips and removes the unusable wood, leaving only the high-grade resinous Agarwood for the distillation to become oud oil).


Further more, we have our very own plantation in Koh Kong, we can source Agarwood from other plantations, we have our own distillery and very importantly, we have our very own Wild Agarwood Tree Hunter, he knows where wid trees are located and continues to search for more, we call him "Wild Tree Man"


What is it about Cambodian Oud Oil thats makes it special? Cambodian Oud Oil is sweet to the smell, it is certainly amongst the best in the world, so many people love it and want more.


And this is important, we cannot survive without repeat custom. So this is our success, we keep you stocked whenever you need and we send to any country far and wide.


The world-wide Oud industry is now worth $50bn, we just play a small part here in Cambodia, so let us work together to make Cambodian Oud more famous and let more customers smell the sweet smell of Cambodian Oud.


Thank you and we hope to speak to you soon.

Kingdom Of Oud

Kingdom Of Cambodia.

   Cambodian Oud Oil. A scent more precious than gold.